Intentions for 2021

Intentions for 2021

Intentions for 2021

Article by Natural Netwalking member Vanda Scholey, VS Financial Coaching, Money Coach -

How was your 2020?  Have you, like many small business owners, used some pockets of time between Christmas and the start of the New Year, to review 2020 and attempt to plan 2021? Did financial planning form part of that process?

The chances are that if you look at your plan from January 2020 and compare it to what your situation is now, the difference between the two would be immense.

The truth is there will ALWAYS be a difference between the plan and what happens because there are ALWAYS unforeseen challenges and opportunities. We cannot control what the outside world will throw at us or what other people will do but we do have some control over our destination and direction, and we always have control over our actions.

Many business owners I meet are absolutely great at what they do – they are great at building websites, creating fantastic portraits, helping others lead more healthy lifestyles, making sense of and using technology safely, and a myriad of other things. What they don’t normally like to think is about money. When money is mentioned they stiffen up and all the excitement from them is gone. As if money was something dirty, scary, something to avoid thinking about. I’ve heard the phrase ‘I’ll leave that to my accountant’ many times.

I like to think of money as being a different way to communicate our plans, to measure how we’re doing, to put value on what is important to us. It’s not the only way, just one of many. Money is simply a language and we can all learn a new language. 

If you grew up speaking English and someone suddenly talked to you in Spanish you wouldn’t understand and may even get scared to try because it all sounds so alien. It doesn’t mean you’re ‘bad at Spanish’, simply that you’ve never heard Spanish before. This means with just a little bit of effort you can always learn. You don’t have to become fluent to be able to get by.

It’s the same with money, we don’t have to become financial advisors or chartered accountants to be able to ‘speak money’. And as with languages, it’s good to start small and to start early.

Are you the type of person who enrols in a course and buys all the books or are you one that will ‘jump in’ and work it out as you go along? It’s important to know your learning style so that you get the best results with minimal effort. The 80/20 principle comes to mind. I’m a big fan of simple and easy when it comes to money, I believe there’s no point in collecting huge amounts of data unless you are going to use it (or if it’s required for legal reasons).

Are you ready to get to grips with your finances in 2021? Both business and personal? What can you do in January that will make managing the financial side of your business and life better?

I am a financial coach and I work with people to improve their relationship with money – to take away the ‘mysteriousness’, fear. I offer complimentary clarity sessions to find out how financial coaching can help you feel more confident and in control of your money. Contact me on or visit to find out more and book the complimentary session.

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