Tired of Traditional Networking? Refresh your Soul with Netwalking

Tired of Traditional Networking? Refresh your Soul with Netwalking

We all know that networking in the right places in the right way is necessary to help us build new connections and generate opportunities. However, it can be intense, early mornings, late nights, dinners, breakfasts, lunches! Hotels, conference centres, business parks, online. Standing up, sitting down, talking, listening, watching presentations, interacting on social media. Ever feel like you have reached saturation point? Information overload? And you still must follow up.

It can all get exhausting. 

Making it work 

I like networking but find I must manage it well to prevent reaching burn out. I only go to the events that I really get value from. I stick to regular groups and build real relationships as opposed to lots of ad hoc events. I do much less now than I used to. I also find I prefer early morning to late nights, or attending a full day special, well run event where I really will learn something and meet interesting people. 

I like to build long term real business connections, quality as opposed to quantity. I work at these relationships ensuring that we really do help each other. 

Walk and Talk 

Feeling a bit tired of traditional networking and looking for some alternative ways of interacting, I started asking some of my business contacts to go for a walking meeting as opposed to just sitting and talking in an office or coffee shop. Many said YES. 

I found that going for a walk really helped to build real connections, trust and rapport. It seemed to create so much more energy and clarity in our discussions. Yes, it took a bit longer, but it was worth it. The quality of relationship and the action taken was much higher. 

Natural Netwalking 

I wondered about extending this idea of walk and talk to an alternative way of networking. I talked to my business colleague Dawn one day when we were having one of our walking meetings. 

Walking always worked for us. It refreshed us in so many ways. Walking side by side just having a conversation. Dawn said she felt so much more comfortable talking openly in this way. I did too. Also, when we got back to the office, we had not only had a good meeting, but we had done our 10,000 plus steps as well! Our brains were fresh, and we felt energised and ready for the day ahead. 

Natural Netwalking has been designed to help business owners, professionals and solo- preneurs like us to combine getting fit with doing business. 

Refresh your soul

Being outside, walking side by side will enable you to get to know each other in a relaxed way. Your mind will be clear, you will be creative, you will feel fresh. By the time you get to the coffee shop you will be ready to swop business cards and plan any appropriate follow up. 

It won’t feel like work at all.  

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