The Amazing Benefits of Walking (and why I love it!)

The Amazing Benefits of Walking (and why I love it!)

The Walking Business Coach and Founder of Natural Netwalking - By Jackie Jarvis 

I have always loved walking. 

  • It has helped me through challenges in my personal and business life. 
  • Been my friend in times of trouble. 
  • It has lifted me, energised me, looked after me.
  • It has helped me to be happier, more centred and more at peace with myself.
  • Walking gave me clarity when my mind was foggy
  • It has inspired and continues to inspire my writing, creative ideas and insights. 
  • It has enabled the exploring of and true connection with, countries, cities, landscapes and cultures and people.
  • Walking has enabled me to truly feel the places I have walked, remember smells, feel the earth beneath my feet. 
  • It has humbled and grounded me.
  • Through walking I have learnt to enjoy and be present with simple pleasures in life. 
  • It always lifts my mood if I am down. I always sleep better after a walk too!
  • The great places and distances I have walked have humbled me.
  • Walking has energised me, given me fitness and good health
  • I have walked through emotional pain, physical pain and ‘let go’ of pain. 
  • I made ‘real’ lasting friendships through walking. 
  • Walking has always been there for me. 

That is why I love you

Thank you, ‘walking’ you are amazing! -

Walking with Dawn Lillington inspired Natural Netwalking. 

We want others to enjoy the amazing benefits of walking. 

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