Netwalk Leaders

Want to be a Netwalking Leader? 

We are looking for business owners, professionals and fitness & health service providers to join our leadership team.

If you …

  • Like walking 
  • See value in building a business network around you
  • Believe fitness and wellbeing in business matters

We want to hear from you

Get 7 Great Benefits

  • Training in scoping and risk assessing walks in your designated area
  • Full online marketing of your Netwalks, automated booking & follow up
  • Training on how to run a Netwalk
  • Initial supplies of 500 A5 flyers to get the word out
  • Opportunity to share your expertise on Netwalks in creative ways
  • Positive Publicity – Prominent leader profile, guest blogging, newsletter
  • Earn an income - 50% of annual membership fees

All our leaders are required to become members of Natural Netwalking


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