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Hedges Law

Advice for Life

We’re an energetic company that loves to be busy and active so it makes perfect sense for us to be a part of this fabulous new form of networking: fresh air, mental clarity and new business connections all at the same time: what’s not to love!

We provide legal advice for all of life’s events, both personal and business. Unlike more traditional law firms that might feel stiff or intimidating, we’re a relaxed friendly team who provide our legal advice in your language not ours! We won’t tell you what to do, we’ll walk alongside you while you navigate your legal journey, supporting, advising and guiding you all the way. We know that for some people the thought of seeing a lawyer fills them with dread: you can rest assured that with us you’ll feel at home right from the outset. We can’t promise a magic wand, but what we can do is assure you that we’ll make your legal experience the best it can possibly be.

First Step: What is your first step to engage with a potential client? e.g. complimentary conversation over coffee, free audit

We’re always happy for you to pick up the phone and have a no obligation chat about what your legal needs might be. And for those people who think that it might be time to make or update a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney (hint: that’s each and every one of us!) we will offer Natural NetWalking members a two hour consultation with one of our wills experts completely free of charge.

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