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 Katie Spicer

Katie Spicer

Katie Spicer Photography

I capture the energy of inspirational brands through beautiful and meaningful photography.

You are amazing at what you do, you really care about your customers and having that wow impact with them. You’re so passionate about what you create and really upping their happiness factor.

You need photos infused with that magic to enchant your dream customers and outshine your competition.

The right kind of customers who understand and value your greatness can take your business & creativity up a notch or three! I'm a master at capturing the energy of you and your creations and captivating your kindred spirits. Really vibrant, meaningful images help powerfully grow connection and trust with your kind of people & outshine any competition. 

There's no competition when you are doing what only you do best!

Let’s capture your unique spark in a beautiful and meaningful way and create photos as distinct as you are.

I’ll bring light + life to your brand so you attract the kind of people who inspire you to create your best work.
First Step: Head over to my site and check out my portfolio to see if our styles match. If beautiful, light, bright and vibrant photography is what you love then pop your details in on my Contact page and get my Enlighten Me guide, which does exactly what it says on the tin! It will explain everything you need to know about working with me, and if you would like to book, what to do next.
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Passions: You'll see from my Instagram I am a huge nature lover and have a background in plants, so being outside in nature is a big passion of mine. Devouring non-fiction books, empowering people to help themselves with botanical remedies, practicing yoga, running, going glamping with my husband and toddler, and kayaking on the river are other passions of mine. Meditation is this years challenge to focus on!

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