Philip Rose

Philip Rose

Malabar Consulting

Philip works with business owners and business leaders who want to grow. Often they’re too busy running the business to look up and plan for the future. Phil helps them take regular time out to allow them to focus on the important things. The things that matter. The little things that make a big difference. Phil creates space - in the diary and in time for the people he works with to re-ignite their passion for their business and their life. Phil helps people (re) discover their purpose.

First Step

To start the conversation all you need to do it book an initial Purpose Discovery Call. I have 3 slots available each month for these calls, which last around 45 minutes.


Phil ‘enjoys’ running the London Marathon and this year, his fifth, he is again raising money and aiming to break a Guinness World Record in the process as the Fastest Sun ever…

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