Marte Lundby Rekaa

Marte Lundby Rekaa


Marte is a professional photographer who works solely with other businesses to produce images for their marketing material. She specialises in food andinterior photography, but she also loves working with people and enjoys capturing commercial portraits, corporate events and products. Marte founded MLR PHOTO in 2006 in London after graduating with a Bachelor of Photography degree from Australia. She recently moved to Benson, Oxfordshire, and is looking to build a client base locally as well as continuing to service her London clients.

Growing up in Norway, Marte takes a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian design and a sense of “hygge” in her photography. She is as creative as she is technical and loves bringing the two skills together. Throughout her career Marte has been fortunate enough to have her work published in several national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as photographing members of the Royal family, various celebrities and travel the word doing what she loves.

Marte’s clients range from local sole traders to national organisations and global giants. Her goal is to help grow your business by providing stunning imagery that attracts clients as well as future employees to your organisation.

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Passions: I love the outdoors and often go hiking with my other half in the Chilterns. Other interests include bread baking, and I’d love to get back into sailing, salsa dancing and knitting, once the house is redecorated…

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