Nick Potter

Nick Potter

The Centre for Physical Medicine

BSc (Ost), MRO, Dip.Myo.Ac Registered Osteopath - Principal and Clinical Director

In my experience people need to move to think, connect and be creative. It’s in our genes and we can’t fight it. Natural netwalking is a great start towards a new way of connecting whilst also being good for your body. I am in the pain game and there is no better way to fight pain than to move. Motion is lotion. The natural surroundings further enhance a desire to share. It is the polar opposite of being cooped up in the boxes that are our offices and workplaces. I would highly recommend you give it a try.

Studying to become a medic, Nick Potter suffered a low back fracture in his spine whilst on a gap year playing rugby in New Zealand. The treatment he received, in particular osteopathy, changed his perceptions of surgery and modern medicine and influenced him to take a different career path. Nick is now Principal and Clinical Director of the Centre for Physical Medicine at the Princess Grace Hospital in London and has become the go-to mentor of performance for high achievers in the city and a host of celebrities. 

Nick is inventor of bakpro ( and will be a regular contributor to our blog with expert advise and latest news on the benefits of walking and back health.

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He has been a keen sportsman himself (Rugby, Marathon, Triathlon) and still enjoys running and tennis. He has coached junior rugby at Henley Rugby Club for 7 years.

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