Richard Rosser

Richard Rosser

CEO of B4 National Ltd

B4 has evolved in Oxfordshire over the last 15 years and is widely respected as Oxfordshire’s leading business networking group, with some of Oxfordshire’s most trusted organisations and individuals committed to B4.

The pandemic demanded that B4 change direction from magazine publisher and event holder to a predominantly digital platform which is now poised to grow nationally. With significant investment already secured and a second round of funding imminent, B4’s long desired ambition to build a UK wide network of B4 communities comprising a mixture of leading, creative, inspirational and unique businesses that not only connect and work with each other but that can also use the B4 platform to showcase themselves to the world of business, is now becoming a reality. Each community will be limited to a fixed number of seats and will contain members that have been recommended or identified by B4 as leaders in their field.

As experts in their field, B4 members can share their expertise with the wider business community by uploading news releases and professionally written articles to the B4 website, both of which are shared through B4’s social platforms. Members can connect and build relationships at live and digital events and through B4’s Connections Service. B4 is looking for well-connected individuals to lead each of the communities nationally, individuals who have an established informal network that can be plugged into B4 for greater profile and even more connections.

If you would like to find out more about either joining B4 or running one of the B4 National communities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Passions (Hobbies/Interests)

I enjoy walking with humans but nothing beats a walk with our beloved Cocker Spaniels, Billy & Blu who will be joining me on the Blenheim walks. There’s nothing better than disconnecting from phones, computers and the day to day routines and enjoying a walk in the sunshine, rain or wind…and what beats a walk in the snow?! I’ve become a bit of an exercise addict since running three London Marathons (increasingly slowly!) and cycling from Paris and Edinburgh to, ironically, Blenheim on two gruelling rides. Exercise is another great escape and an opportunity to concentrate on doing something good for me and whilst the rest of the world still thinks I’m a short fat and bald bloke, I feel great inside having invested countless hours in the gym or running 10km to and from Blenheim every Monday evening. In fact, I’ve just realised I’d be lost without Blenheim!

Walk Leader for Blenheim Palace

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