Virginia Burges

Virginia Burges

Did you know that there are more micro-organisms living inside the human G.I. tract than there are stars in the Milky Way? Or that only 10% of your cells contain your human DNA? 

As a self-confessed gut health geek, I’m continually fascinated learning about the gut microbiome and how this diverse ‘organ’ affects virtually every area of human performance and wellbeing. As a result of overcoming many health challenges by focusing on my gut, it’s now my privilege as an elite health coach to mentor clients through a pure, potent and proven 21-Day holistic programme which detoxifies the body, cleanses the digestive tract and rebalances the gut microbiome. I also offer state of the art personalised nutritional DNA testing to take the guesswork out of getting fit and healthy. 

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: pain, low energy, poor sleep, low mood, brain fog, cravings for sweet treats, difficulty losing weight, struggling with poor digestion, IBS, allergies, hormone imbalance, or just generally feeling below par? If so let’s have a chat. I am reminded every day that health is the greatest wealth! 

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First Steps: I offer all clients a free, no-strings ‘Lifestyle Analysis’ to determine which body systems need extra support. This creates an ideal starting point to measure your progress on the path to optimal health.

Passions: Aside from health and fitness, I play the violin and love music, and can generally be found writing my next fiction novel or blogging in my ‘She Shed’. I also enjoy watching movies and reading, plus, a good walk in the countryside does wonders for microbial diversity!

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